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Meringue sphere and raspberry

 For 6 individual vacherins:

Meringue (Spheres):

  • 100g of egg whites
  • 100g sugar
  • 90 gr of icing sugar
  • 10 gr of starch


mashed raspberries:

    500g of raspberry
    8 gr of fast-taken
    30 gr of sugar
    25g of lemon juice

Red fruit sorbet:

    250 gr of strawberry pulp
    250 gr of raspberry purée
    100 gr of blackcurrant puree
    100 gr of currant puree
    50 gr of atomised glucose
    25 cl of water
    170 gr of caster sugar

Vanilla ice cream :

    6 egg yolks
    2 vanilla beans
    0.5 liters of milk
    200 gr of creme fleurette
    150 gr of sugar


    25 cl of creme fleurette
    40 gr of sifted icing sugar
    ½ scooped vanilla bean

Decor :

    fresh mint
    spaghetti dried colorful

1 / Meringue spheres:

In the mixer bowl, whisk together whites and caster sugar. Beat until the mixture is firm and shiny. Add the icing sugar, starch and dye gradually. Garnish a pocket with a plain socket. Pocket into a half-round spherical spiral mold up to height. Make 12 ½ spheres.

Cook meringues at 90 ° for 3 hours in oven, door slightly open. Unmold the shells gently and keep them in a tupperweare.

2 / Vanilla ice cream:

Boil the milk, cream and vanilla pods open. Chinoisez.

Incorporate the milk powder, bring to the boil. Whiten the yolks and sugar. Pour the milk on top and cook with a spatula until it reaches 87 °. Get rid. Turbine and keep in the freezer.

3 / Raspberry Compote:

In a jam jar or casserole, combine the raspberries with the sugar, the vitrie and the lemon juice. Cook for an hour. Keep it cool

4 / Red Fruit Sorbet

Make a syrup with water, sugar and glucose. Add the fruit purées to the cooled syrup. Turbinez.


• Marble red fruit sorbet with vanilla ice cream.

• In a 3 cm diameter flounder, top with marbled ice (with a spoon). Keep in the freezer

• Assemble the cream chantilly

• In 6 shells, whip the whipped cream, place the ice in the center of the 6 ½ spheres.

• Circle the whipped cream again by covering the ice well and enclose with the last 6 ½ spheres.

• Place raspberries in the center of the dishes. Place spheres, mint leaves and spaghetti

Ps: You can also buy vanilla ice cream and red fruit sorbet if you do not own ice cream maker


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