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The kitchen with flowers

Contrary to all that one can think, the kitchen of flowers is not a modern invention. This practice has become fashionable but in fact it goes back to the most remote human culinary experiments.


In antiquity the flowers were very used in the kitchen. In the Middle Ages too, for example, lavender and rose were often associated with sweet dishes. They were also appreciated for their medicinal and antiseptic properties (red clover, camomile, thyme flower, poppy, calendula, St. John's wort ...

Flowers in the kitchen offer as many possibilities as vegetables and herbs and can be consumed in different ways:

In infusion: the borage, the rose, the flower of Hibiscus (karkadé), the jasmine, etc.

In Crystallized Flower for sweets and cake decorations: yucca flower, rose, violet, mimosa, etc ...

In jam: cornflower, Hibiscus flower, mimosa, dandelion, elderflower, etc ...

In syrup or liqueur: poppy, violet, rose, geranium, etc ...

In salad: the nasturtium, the borage, the dandelion flower, the worry (calendula), the violet, etc ...

Donut: the acacia flower, the courgette flower, the pumpkin flower, the glycine flower, etc ...

There are also:

Culinary perfumes with orange blossom, lavender, rose, etc ...

A few :

Condiments like caper (caper floral button), daisy button, dandelion button, etc ...

And then some

Wines made of elder, dandelion flower, pink, acacia, lilac, etc ...

And especially for us:

Presentation: the thought, the currant flower, the tulip, the flower of the corte, the cherry blossom, the valerian, the nepeta, the hollyhock, the aster, etc ... The picking is done according to the seasons ...

A plate presented with fresh flowers, will give a pleasant touch of delicacy, color and originality to your plate or dish.

Our flowers come from the garden, do not use the florist flowers because toxic products are still used for their cultivation which makes them unsuitable for consumption, the gardening flowers need a delay of 15 days / 3 weeks before to be consumed.

We must also pay attention to the toxic flowers, as for fungus it is necessary to inquire.

The best known: Lily of the valley, pink laurel, belladonna, digitalis, lupine, Christmas pink ...


In fact despite its sophisticated appearance, the kitchen with flowers is indeed very simple to realize. You just have to know them and know their origin. The flowers have a sweet, spicy, peppery or very tangy taste and bring a colorful and tasty note to the most ordinary dishes.

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Crème Brulée with saffron, Orange salad with rose, Pana cotta Strawberry and geranium, Milk chocolate and violet tartlet, Millefeuille with mimosa


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